Used Volvo Cars and More in Greenville SC

RECALL NOTICE: Some vehicles offered for sale may be subject to unrepaired manufacturer safety recalls. To determine the recall status of a vehicle, visit or click here

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RECALL NOTICE: Some vehicles offered for sale may be subject to unrepaired manufacturer safety recalls. To determine the recall status of a vehicle, visit or click here.


Used Volvo for Sale Greenville


Are you interested in purchasing a used car in the Greenville area? Or maybe want to discover more about the popular benefits that come with a pre-owned vehicle? You've come to definitely the right place because Volvo of Greenville offers a massive inventory of used cars available for you to explore, alongside one of the highest-rated staffs in Greenville who intensely care about making sure each client receives an absolutely fantastic experience. Frequently, when you are shopping for a used car, what is most helpful is a variety of great selections, and Volvo of Greenville certainly offers that. Whether you want a used Volvo or a car from another make, you can rest easy knowing Volvo of Greenville will assuredly give you many options to select from. Take time to explore our website or consult with one of our team members. With the gigantic variety of options, searching for a used car can sometimes be overwhelming, and our team is here to make your shopping experience very easy. We'll give you all the useful facts you need to know about any car you are interested in. You can even take advantage of our monthly used specials where you can find incredible deals. You can again purchase your used car totally online now with Clicklane!


Used Car Prices | Pricing Used Cars


One of the most advantageous reasons for buying a used vehicle is that you can very save on the price of your purchase when compared to buying that same vehicle brand new. If price and budget are exceptionally important to you, then you will be delighted with the used car options available to you here at Volvo of Greenville. At Volvo of Greenville you can find used vehicles under $10,000, used vehicles under $15,000 and used vehicles under $20,000. We are glad to offer vehicles across a very wide range of budgets that each client will find appropriate. With Clicklane, you can purchase your next vehicle promptly online and skip the in-dealership experience. So, whether it's online or in person, you are certain to find a great deal on a used car at Volvo of Greenville. Feel free to give us a call at 8642077416 to talk with our experienced advisors who will help make the sales experience less complicated.


Used Volvo for Sale Near Me


Whether you're in Parker, Greenville, Gantt, Mauldin, or anywhere else in the Greenville metro, we think think purchasing your next used vehicle from Volvo of Greenville is the clear choice. That's because Volvo of Greenville offers a delightful used inventory with dazzling options across every budget. From lavish, stylish, luxury vehicles, to older, durable vehicles, and everywhere in between, you can find it at Volvo of Greenville! There's a reason the Greenville is so loved by consumers in the Greenville area and the whole state of SC. That's because our primary focus is making sure every client receives the highest potential level of service no matter if you are coming in to test drive a new Volvo, interested in a particular used car, or stopping in for an appointment at our astounding service center. When you visit Volvo of Greenville or any Greenville you can invariably expect a higher level of service.


Used Volvo Dealers


If you're a previous Volvo owner or someone who has done competitive research, you know that purchasing a used Volvo is an extraordinary option. Volvo offers an amazing lineup of vehicles that completely stands out in an pronounced way against the competition. You have options like the XC40, XC60, S60, XC90, S80, and more that you can find used on our website now! With all these abundant and excellent options, it's clear why anyone would want to buy a used Volvo. And at Volvo of Greenville we want to make it easy for you! We offer used specials to help make your purchase even more inexpensive along with a useful staff who will be delighted to answer any questions you have. It's our ambition to make purchasing a used Volvo from Volvo of Greenville one of the best decision you will ever make


Used Volvo Dealership Greenville


When you visit our state-of-the-art Volvo location located at 2668 Laurens Road in Greenville SC, you will be privately greeted by out esteemed staff who will pleasantly offer their competence. There is a reason why Volvo of Greenville is one of the most respected and highest-rated Volvo dealerships in all of SC and that's because we are intensely focused on providing a distinct and genuine consumer service experience that rivals the best. Here at Volvo of Greenville we offer:     

                  If you're looking for a used Volvo or have any other automotive need in the Greenville area, you can't do better than Volvo of Greenville. Explore our colossal used inventory online now to see everything we have available.          


Used Volvo S60


The Volvo S60 is a one-of-a-kind vehicle from Volvo using the most recent technology to design an astounding driving experience like no other. If you are in the market for a used Volvo S60, you should exactly our abundant selection of used Volvo S60 vehicles accessible right now at our location. Volvo of Greenville is undeniably one of the top and highest-rated used Volvo dealers in the state, you'll see why once you shop our vast selection of used Volvo S60 vehicles. Don't be afraid to ask our amazing sales consultants any questions you may have or for more interesting facts about the Volvo S60 you are interested in. We will make sure you have nothing but an exceptional experience whether you are shopping a used Volvo S60 or just coming in for a test drive.


Used Volvo XC40


When shopping used cars, you have plentiful options. So why buy a used Volvo XC40? The benefits are unlimited! If you want to uncover a family vehicle that offers flashy features everyone can enjoy, the Volvo XC40 fits the bill. Our sales consultants will pleasantly offer their expertise in all things Volvo to help you in discovering a used Volvo XC40 that appropriately fits what you are searching for. We endorse visiting our website and see our huge used inventory and numerous used Volvo XC40 options, where you will find all the facts you need.


Used Volvo S90 Dealers


Are you accessible to uncover an astonishing Volvo car that you can buy used at an affordable price? There are many used Volvo S90 vehicles accessible now at Volvo of Greenville. Once behind the wheel of a used Volvo S90 you will have tremendous satisfaction in the astonishing driving experience. Just one test drive will encourage you to want to take home a Volvo S90 of your own. When searching for a Volvo S90 online, make sure to check out Volvo of Greenville, one of the highest rated Volvo dealers serving Parker, Mauldin, Gantt, Greenville, and the whole Greenville metro!


Used Volvo XC60


If you're looking for a trailblazing car that offers both an bold design and peaceful driving experience, look no further than the Volvo XC60. You undoubtedly know about the full list of benefits the Volvo XC60 offers, and if you're looking for a used Volvo XC60 than Volvo of Greenville can help! We have numerous used Volvo XC60 vehicles available right now. So if you are browsing for a used Volvo XC60 you should start by visiting our website now and shopping our used inventory to see which used Volvo XC60 appeals to you. You can even buy a used Volvo XC60 absolutely online now with Clicklane!


Used Volvo XC90 Dealers


If you want a car that is built with security as a priority, the Volvo XC90 should be of serious interest to you. Aside from its incredible reputation amongst owners and automotive enthusiasts alike, the Volvo XC90 has enormous benefits no matter what year used model you purchase from Volvo of Greenville. The best part about purchasing a used Volvo XC90 from Volvo of Greenville is we have a wide range of accessible options for you to select from. Our sales advisors are experts in matching consumers with the used car that fits them best. You can browse our inventory of used Volvo XC90 vehicles online now, or if you prefer to see them up close or in person, you can visit us at 2668 Laurens Road in Greenville. We look forward to sharing our incredible lineup of used Volvo XC90 vehicles with you.


Used Volvo S60


Of all the used Volvo models you can purchase, undoubtedly one of the best is the Volvo S60. The Volvo S60 is more than just its stunning design and exterior. The massive and luxurious interior cabin in the Volvo S60 will surprise and delight everyone who hops inside. At Volvo of Greenville we offer used Volvo S60 vehicles accessible at exceptionally great prices. Additionally, we are also consistently getting additional used Volvo S60 vehicles to add to our inventory. If you find the Volvo S60 vehicles interesting, the Volvo of Greenville team will love to help you explore what is accessible so you can make the best and mot knowledgeable decision.


Used Volvo S80 Dealership


There are endless options of used vehicles to broswe and uncover, especially here in the Greenville area, but one great car you should precisely check out is the Volvo S80. It offers a splashy exterior look with a calm interior that combines the best of both worlds. Volvo of Greenville has an ample selection of used Volvo S80 vehicles for you to purchase now! You can again view our monthly used specials to ensure you are getting the most ambitious price. This is a great way to experience all the incredible assets of the Volvo S80 at the most inexpensive price. Visit our website today to see the latest arrived used Volvo S80 vehicles we have accessible.


Used Cars for Sale Near Me | Used Cars for Sale in Greenville


In the Greenville area, you have a plethora of options when buying used vehicles. You may not know that Volvo of Greenville offers used vehicles beyond just Volvo models. At Volvo of Greenville you can find a colossal used inventory that reaches all type of makes, models, years, and prices. With this enormous selection, you are sure to find a used vehicle that fits everything of what you are looking for. The Volvo of Greenville team will offer their skill and help answer any questions you have, so you can have full confidence in your purchase. Stop by our location in Greenville to see our impressive used inventory for yourself.


NADA Used Car Values Greenville


Wondering what the market value of a used car in the Greenville area is? You can find out with the sincere help of the National Automotive Dealers Association. Whether it's a used sedan, used mini van used SUV, used hybrid and electric car, used truck, or anything else, NADA will give you all of the helpful data you need to know. NADA has been in existence since 1917 and has been working to assist drivers in Greenville and all throughout the country by representing the interests of dealers to the public. You can visit the NADA website directly to see detailed data about the car you own and any vehicle you may be interested in.


Cars for Sale Under $10,000


Volvo of Greenville hosts an exciting inventory of used cars under $10,000. Just because a car is under $10,000 doesn't mean you can't get a enormous amount of use out of it. Many clients prefer to purchase our most economical used vehicles and take advantage of our astounding group of service specialists to keep them trustworthy. We take great enjoyment in offering used vehicles across all sorts of budgets, and if you are focused on affordability, you will be certain to find something that fits your needs here at Volvo of Greenville. Check out our used vehicles accessible now at incredibly aggressive prices! Then stop by our Volvo store in Greenville to see your desired car up close and take a test drive.


Used Trucks for Sale Near Me | Used Trucks Greenville


At Volvo of Greenville you can find the used truck you've been dreaming of. No matter how big of a truck you may be interested in, Volvo of Greenville and the Greenville family of dealerships has access to a noteworthy inventory of used trucks of all makes and models to assist you in locating precisely what you are looking for. We want to ensure you get that dazzling used truck soon, so stop by our store in Greenville, where we get additional used vehicles every day. Are you interested in a specific used truck? Let our skillful sales specialists know and they will go above and beyond to get you all the data you need. Give us a call at 8642077416 or visit our website to get started now.


Carfax Used Cars


There are plenty of exceedingly advantageous automotive services that you should be experienced of when you shop for a vehicle, and one of them is CARFAX. With CARFAX you can search and find a vehicle's history report, which can be tremendously advantageous when you are shopping for a used vehicle. When you are shopping a used vehicle in the Greenville metro, you want as much available details as possible. CARFAX allows you to know the critical details about your desired vehicle, so you can be aware of any wear and tear or anything already damaged. If you have questions about vehicle history, you can ask the team at Volvo of Greenville for assistance.


Used Cars for Sale Under $15,000


Are you in the Greenville area and in search for a used car under $15,000? Volvo of Greenville is the location for you. You may not know it, but $15,000 is more than enough to still get a flashy used car that's still steady and completely fit for your whole family. At Volvo of Greenville, we don't just haul used Volvo vehicles. You can find an abundant array of makes and models including used SUVs, used sedans, used hybrid and electric vehicles, used trucks, and anything else you may be interested in. With such a gigantic amount of choice you are sure to find one you that totally fits your need. You can again purchase your next used car under $15,000 on Clicklane, a trailblazing platform where you can complete your entire purchase online!


Buy Used Cars Online


Looking for a breathtaking way to save time at the dealership? Or skip out on the dealership experience all together? Meet Clicklane, an astonishing new platform powered by Greenville that offers the complete vehicle purchasing experience online. Whether it's a used car or a new Volvo, Clicklane customers have the ability to do it all with just a few clicks of a button. Distinct benefits of Clicklane include:     

  • Instant loan decisions
  • Online loan marketplace
  • A fully online purchasing experience
  • Live trade appraisals


Clicklane utilizes the latest technology to provide consumers with an astounding virtual retail experience that will exceptionally alter the way you purchase a vehicle. If you buy online we will assuredly miss seeing you in the dealership here in Greenville, but that doesn't mean you still won't receive an amazing client service experience.


Used Car Deals | Deals Used Cars


At Volvo of Greenville we invariably offer incredible deals and ambitious monthly specials for our patrons. So when you are searching the Greenville area for a great deal, you are sure to find a plentiful amount of them here at Volvo of Greenville. Surely, the best place to start is on the monthly used specials page on our website. There you can see our marvelous featured used inventory and where you can save on your purchase. From chic and extravagant used vehicles, to older and more trustworthy models, we have an assortment of used vehicles for you to explore. Once you've found the used vehicle you want to purchase, speak with one of our amazing sales experts who will make sure you have a charming and honest sales experience. Our sales team is one of the highest-rated automotive teams around, and we want you to see precisely why.


Used SUVs for Sale Near Me | Pre-Owned SUVs Greenville


Do you need a astonishing car that the complete family can enjoy? Let the team at Volvo of Greenville help to endorse the perfect used SUV. Whether it's a used Volvo or a different make entirely, you can browse our huge inventory of used SUVs to find the one that is most desired by you and your family. The best part about shopping for a used SUV at Volvo of Greenville is the considerable amount of options you have, along with the competence of the prestigious Volvo of Greenville staff who are here to make the dealership experience easier than ever. If you are in Greenville or Mauldin or elsewhere across Greenville and interested in a used SUV, you can get started at Volvo of Greenville right now by visiting our website.


KBB Used Car Values | Kelly Blue Book Values


When it comes to discovering accurate used car valuations, one of the most amazing resources to use is Kelley Blue Book. Kelley Blue Book, or KBB, is an industry leader in vehicle valuation and research in the automotive field. There is a reason why KBB has been immensely trusted by customers for over 100 years. At Volvo of Greenville you can view the KBB value of the used vehicle you are interested in. Regularly you will find that the price at Volvo of Greenville is lower than the suggested KBB value! That means you can have confidence you are getting a astounding deal! You can visit the KBB website directly to see and data you are definitely interested in. Or explore our website to see the value of the used vehicles at our store in Greenville.


Used Cars Greenville SC | Used Cars for Sale Greenville


If you're in Greenville SC and looking for used cars for sale in Greenville, you won't find a more convenient dealer than Volvo of Greenville. Volvo of Greenville offers a massive inventory of used vehicles across a fabulous selection of makes, models, and budgets. Don't waste your time driving all over Greenville looking for the best place to buy your next used car. Just stop by Volvo of Greenville or give us a call today and we'll make sure you receive the most amazing experience possible.


Volvo Greenville | Volvo Dealership Greenville


When browsing the Greenville or Greenville area for a used Volvo or any other type of used vehicle, Volvo of Greenville offers an incredible inventory of pre-owned vehicles alongside an amazing staff that will work tirelessly to ensure you are totally satisfied with your purchase and experience. No matter what budget you indicate, our trustworthy Volvo of Greenville team will help you in finding something perfect for you with a calm sales experience. Take the time to browse our website to explore your many options and find the vehicle that's right for you and your family.


Volvo Used Cars


If you are the type of consumer that enjoys infinite options when purchasing a used vehicle, you will absolutely enjoy the opportunity of searching for a used Volvo. That means you get to pick between amazing options like the XC90, XC40, S60, XC60, S80, and more! If you have any questions, our knowledgeable Volvo of Greenville sales experts are here to help.


RECALL NOTICE: Some vehicles offered for sale may be subject to unrepaired manufacturer safety recalls. To determine the recall status of a vehicle, visit or click here.


RECALL NOTICE: Some vehicles offered for sale may be subject to unrepaired manufacturer safety recalls. To determine the recall status of a vehicle, visit Price applies to in stock units only and excludes tax, tag, and other governmental fees and customer selected options. Price includes the dealer fee of $225. While every reasonable effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this information, we are not responsible for any errors or omissions contained on these pages. Please verify any information in question with the Dealership. In order to receive the internet price, you must either present a copy of this page's internet price, or you must specifically mention the internet price to the dealership and have the same referenced in your contract at the time of purchase.